I land in Sydney. No bags. The Australian TSA human interrogates me for 15 minutes due to the fact that I have zero bags of any kind and am just wearing a glow in the dark burner jacket. I tell him about Tim Ferris, blah blah blah. My best friend (at the time) is with me. Doug Hac also has zero bags. We’re on ZERO baggage tour. He waves us through. I immediately buy a burner phone so I can Tinder with both hands.

Back up to like 72+ or whatever earlier. Decided to rando ass fly out to wherever…

The world has always loved a Blum and Poe Story.

A story about good taste triumphing over money, the little guy finally making art freely instead of following the orders of the system.

For those who read everything they hear and for those who don’t know me…

Cool Story Bro, but I’m still not sorry.

I have made art that challenges the narratives of sexist, misogynistic or racist “labels” on social media, and don’t need to excuse myself “because that’s what artists do”.

I have never prayed to “whales” or used hella whack words like “mentally weak and brainwashed”, “falsehoods”…

Tonight I walked the streets of Sunnyside in Queens next to my wife and felt a strange thing: nothing.

Or to be more precise, the gnawing feeling of existing with no more places left to hide.

You see I have placed myself in a situation where I have nothing left. It has taken me years to get here. No possessions. No money. No social status left to speak of. No “thing” to attach myself to or distract myself with.

It tuned me into how much of modern living is a constant barrage of distractions from this feeling, from this place…

Max Osiris

psychonaut. crypto art -ist. edging consciousness. resculpting reality. https://maxosiris.com/cryptoart/

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